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Edit, Remove, or Delete a Rate Card


You’ve created custom Rate Cards, but now you need to make some changes to one. Or you want to remove a Rate Card from a project. Removing a card isn’t a permanent action; you can always choose to re-select the card. Or perhaps you do want to delete a Rate Card, which is a permanent action. 

This article will show you all of these options.

NOTE: This article assumes that you have one or more rate cards.

Edit or Delete a Rate Card

Follow the steps below to edit or delete a Rate Card. Both processes begin the same way. We'll indicate the specific steps to take to delete a card.

  1. Click My Company...Project List from your navigation menu.
  2. Select a project from your Project List.
  3. Click on the Rates tab near the top of your Project Dashboard.
  4. Click the hyperlink: click here to review/edit.

    NOTE: Read this article if you haven’t added a rate card yet.
  5. Make your changes to the Rate Card. 

    NOTE: Delete this card by clicking Delete. This will permanently delete the card. 
  6. Click Save to save your work.

Remove a Rate Card

In this section, you’ll learn how to remove a rate card. To get started, go to a project that has a rate card that’s currently applied.

On your Project Dashboard, click the red triangle next to the textbox. A picklist will populate, and you can select the rate card you want to remove. Then, click the hyperlink: clear selected rate card.

Click Save to save your change. Or click Undo to revert the change.

If you saved your change, then the Rate Card will bered triangle removed from your project. Now you can leave your project as-is, without a Rate Card. Or you can click the  next to select common rates, and select a new rate card from the picklist. Or you may even choose to re-add the card you just removed at a future date. The important point is that removing a Rate Card doesn’t delete it. 

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