Why Custom Invoicing?

Get Started with Rate Cards


Create custom Rate Cards that can be shared among multiple projects. Undoubtedly, this will save you time because you’ll only update rates in one spot -- instead of copying rates from project to project. This article will show you how to create and apply rate cards. 

You’ll create a Rate Card on your Project Dashboard for a specific project. Follow the steps below.

  1. Click My Company...Project List from your navigation menu.
  2. Select a project from your Project List.
  3. Click on the Rates tab near the top of your Project Dashboard.
  4. Click on the red triangle next to the text box, (select common rates). A picklist will appear. If you have previously created rate cards, they’ll appear here. Otherwise, select Edit these values. This will generate a new “rate card” window.
  5. Click Add Rate Card.
  6. Create your rate card. Enter the custom rates for any staffer, project role, and/or labor code.

Apply a Rate Card 

Apply the rate card you just created on your Rates tab on your Project Dashboard. Click on the red triangle next to the text box, (select common rates), and select the rate card you just created.  

NOTE: This rate card will appear in the picklist for all of your other projects.

Click Save Changes to save your work.

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