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Setting Rates for Staffers


In this article, we’ll explain how to assign different billing rates for staffers. Then, we’ll show you how to select a specific rate for a project.

This is how to set billing rates for staffers:

  1. Click My Company, on the navigation bar, and select Staff List from the picklist (dropdown menu).
  2. Find the employee you’d like to create staff rates for, and click on their name. Now you’ll be within the employee’s “basic info” window. Scroll down until you see “billing rates.” It’ll look like this:

    TIP: Adjust the labels for the staff rates you create

    Staffers can have up to five different rates. 

    By default, these rates appear as Rate A, Rate B, and so on. However, you can customize these labels so they are relevant to your firm by adjusting your firm’s lexicon settings. For example, you may prefer “Standard Rate” instead of “Rate A”, or “Discounted Rate” instead of “Rate B.”

  3. Add the dollar values associated with the different rates you want to create. Type into the text box under each rate. It’s not necessary to fill out all five rates; just fill out as many as apply.

    NOTE: The dollar sign will automatically appear after you click out of the billing rates text box.

  4. Click Save Changes once you’re finished entering the billing rates.

Setting a Specific Rate for a Project

Now that a staffer’s billing rates have been established, you can select one of these rates for a specific project.


  1. Click My Company, on your navigation bar, and select Project List from the picklist (dropdown menu.)

  2. Select a project from your list of projects to open up the details.

  3. Select the Bill Rates tab within the project you selected.

  4. Click on the red triangle under “base rate type” and you’ll see many billing rate options.

  5. Select the type of billing rate you’d like BigTime to apply when time is billed to this specific project.

    Now BigTime will apply the discounted rate we previously set up to this project once time is submitted.

  6. Click Save Changes to save your work.

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