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Bulk Actions on your A/R Aging Dashboard


Your A/R Aging Dashboard contains invoices with an open balance, so you can see if you’re getting paid for the work that you do.

This article explains how to use the Bulk Actions feature on this dashboard. That way, you can take action⁠—by creating a snapshot, starting the review and approval process, or sending an email⁠—on multiple invoices at once.

NOTE: This article assumes you know how to access your A/R Dashboard.

Get to your A/R Dashboard, and select an invoice or two. You need to select at least one invoice to activate the Bulk Actions feature. 

Then, click on the white triangle next to Bulk Actions and a picklist will appear. 

We’ll walk through each option next. Keep in mind that the option you choose in this picklist will be applied to all of the invoices you just selected.

Begin Review/Approval - This kicks off the review and approval process, which verifies that drafted invoices are complete and accurate. This optional feature allows multiple reviewers, of your choosing, to review and approve an invoice.

Post - This option attempts to post the selected invoices to QuickBooks. A small window will populate, where you’ll select the appropriate posting format and date.

Update - A small window will populate with many options for you to update (ie, “edit”) your invoices. You can change or add details like the draft, due and sent dates, as well as the status. See the image below. 

Mark as Paid - Mark your invoices as paid, and remove them from the dashboard.

Print - Print the invoices you’ve selected in one of your PDF templates. When you select this option, a small window will populate where you can select one of your PDF templates from a picklist.

Create snapshot - Add a snapshot to your invoice. This means you save a copy of the invoice, which appears as a hyperlink on the side of your invoice. Snapshots are helpful when you want to see what an invoice looks like with your different invoice templates.

Email - Send your invoices through email. A window will populate where you can specify contacts and content.

Delete - Deleting invoices will move all WIP (work in progress) associated with these invoices back to the unbilled pool.

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