Invoicing in BigTime, an Overview

Get to Know your A/R Aging Dashboard


Your A/R Aging Dashboard is an important tool to reference. It contains invoices with an open balance, so you can see if you’re getting paid for the work that you do.

This article will show you how to get to this Dashboard, and highlight several features on it.

Click Invoicing...Overview from your navigation bar.

Then, click on the A/R Aging tile, which is on the far right of your screen. Doing so will take you to your A/R Aging Dashboard.

Ideally this window is empty, which means your clients pay you on time. But that doesn’t always happen, which is why this Dashboard is useful. A/R Aging gives you relevant project details so you can get paid for the work you do in a timely manner. 

NOTE: All “sent” invoices show up in the A/R Aging window.

The numbers in green under the Project column show overdue invoices, organized by the number of days the invoice is overdue. For example, based on the image above, we’ve got five invoices that are between 31 and 60 days overdue.

A/R Aging Dashboard Toolbar Features

We’ll move left to right across the top of this Dashboard, highlighting the features you can use.

Make a Payment -  Your A/R Aging Dashboard is another location to enter a payment. The difference is convenience: staffers can quickly and easily enter a payment without going into the invoice itself.

Bulk Actions - Take action on several projects at once. Select your projects and click on the white triangle next to Bulk Actions. A picklist will populate, and you can choose from many options: create a snapshot, print, email, or start the invoice review and approval process for these projects, among many others. 

Search - Type your query into the search box, and the Dashboard will populate with the appropriate information.

Filter - The triangle surrounded by the box is a filter icon. Click this button to add filters to your columns.

Then, you can customize these filters. Click on a column filter, and a small window will populate. Enter additional details to further filter the column.

Gear icon - Click on this icon to add or remove columns.

Export - Download your Dashboard as a PDF or Excel document.

Where to Go From Here: 

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