Create a Consolidated Invoice

Print a Consolidated Invoice


Have your consolidated invoice look the way you’d like before sending it to your client. 

This article will show you a few ways you can organize your consolidated invoice on your PDF template. Then, we’ll show you how to print it.

First, let’s get to a template and then we’ll show you some settings you can add to it.

  1. Click Invoicing...Configure from your navigation bar.
  2. Click PDF Styles.
  3. Select a template and click Edit.
  4. Scroll until you see step 3. This is where you’ll make your changes to affect your consolidated invoice.
    Here’s what you need to know:

    Line Items:
    Group your line items by Project Name or Project ID.

    Time+Expense Detail
    Subtotal your consolidated invoice by Project Name, Display ID, or Display Name.

    Click the Time/Expenses tab. Then, check the box Include Expense Detail.

    NOTE: You can also choose to include time detail by checking the respective box.

    Find the Subtotal By header and click on the red triangle beneath it.

    A picklist will populate. Choose to subtotal by: Project Name, Project ID, or Display Name. They’re the last three options in the list.

    NOTE: Showing A/R will only include other consolidated invoices

  5. Click Save to save your changes.

    Now that your template is updated, let’s use it. 

    Navigate to a consolidated invoice. Click on the printer icon, and select the invoice template that you just updated to generate a PDF of your invoice.

Where to Go from Here:

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