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Consolidated invoices can help you stay organized and make it easier on your client. They’ll get one invoice instead of many. 

This article will answer some of your most commonly asked questions.

  • If I email a consolidated invoice, who will receive it?
    Send the consolidated invoice to any of the contacts associated with the client. You can also choose to send it to team roles and team leads for the projects on the consolidated invoice.
  • Do I need to update my invoice template when I print a consolidated invoice?
    There are several template settings that you can use with a consolidated invoice. See this article for details.
  • What’s a sub-invoice?
    Sub-invoices are the individual invoices that make up the consolidated invoice. 

    Notice the hierarchy in the image below once you’ve created a consolidated invoice. The word “consolidated” appears next to the Client Name for the invoice that was consolidated, and the sub-invoices are listed beneath.
  • How do I remove a line item from a consolidated invoice?
    Remove an invoice from a consolidated invoice by clicking drop. This will remove the sub-invoice from the consolidated invoice. 

    It will now become its own invoice.
  • How can I automatically consolidate invoices?
    Navigate to your Project Dashboard for a particular project and click on the Client tab. Check the box next to Consolidate Invoices near the end of the window.

    With this selection, any invoices created on the same day for this client will be consolidated. This avoids the extra steps of creating each invoice and manually consolidating them.

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