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Clear Your Work in Progress Tile


Are you tired of seeing thousands of dollars just sitting in your work in progress(WIP) tile? This article will explain how to clear WIP, which contains unbilled time and expenses, on your Invoice Dashboard.

There are several reasons why you may want to clear WIP:

  • You’ve created manual invoices or have work to write off,
  • You changed BigTime product levels, and want to mark historical time as paid and closed, or
  • You want to clear WIP and move it to AR.

We’ll walk through how you can clear WIP next.

How to Clear WIP

Create an invoice in order to clear your WIP tile. Follow the steps below.

  1. Navigate to your Invoice Dashboard (Invoicing...Overview) and click on your WIP tile.

  2. Select a project that you want to create an invoice for by clicking on the hyperlinked dollar amount under the WIP column.

  3. Click Create Invoice when the new window pops up and select Time & Materials.

  4. Enter invoice details, as you normally would when creating an invoice, when the Invoice Summary window populates, and click Finalize when finished. This will take you to a new window.

  5. Find the Status header (located on the far right side of the new window that pops up), and click on the red triangle beneath this header. A picklist will populate and you’ll select either Posted or Sent.

  6. Click Save + Close.

Now your invoice total has moved to the A/R Aging tile.

Where to Go from Here:

Your Invoicing and A/R Dashboard

Editing and Viewing Invoices

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