Invoice Review and Approvals

Invoice Review and Approval Workflow


Now that you’ve set up your invoice approvals, let’s walk through the review workflow:

  • Start the invoice review process, which notifies reviewers to review an invoice.
  • Access your Review/Approve Invoices window to see the invoices to review.
  • Accept or reject an invoice from this window. A rejected invoice is re-submitted.
  • Approval is the final step in the workflow. It certifies that the invoice is accurate and ready to be sent to the client.

This article explains each step of this process.

NOTE: This article assumes that you know how to draft an invoice and that you’ve set up your invoice approvals.

Start the Invoice Review Process

Once an invoice is drafted, there are two ways to kick off the review process: Forward to Review and Bulk Actions. We’ll explain both options.

Forward to Review

Forward to Review is ideal if you only have one invoice that needs to be reviewed. Click the hyperlink Forward to Review on the drafted invoice to kick-start the process.

This is how it works: draft an invoice and click on the Preview tab in the draft itself.

Then, click the hyperlink Forward to Review, which is located on the far right side of the window.

Once you click this link, the list of reviewers shows up under Review/Approval Status. The question marks mean that no one has reviewed the invoice (see image below).

The invoice review process updated in this section of the drafted invoice. The icons next to the reviewers’ name change as they accept or reject the invoice.

  • Green check mark: the reviewer approves the invoice.
  • Red “x”: the reviewer rejects the invoice.

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Bulk Actions

Bulk Actions is the other way to start the review process. It’s ideal if you want to start the review process for several invoices at once. Here’s how it works:

Click Invoicing...Overview from your navigation bar.

Click Drafts, and then click on the Invoices tile itself.

On your Drafted Invoices window, check the boxes next to the drafted invoices that you’d like to start the review process for.

Click the white triangle next to Bulk Actions near the top of your window, and select Begin Review/Approval.

Access the Review/Approve Invoices Window

Once the workflow begins, reviewers will receive a notice in their inbox letting them know that there’s an invoice to review.

Reviewers can review an invoice in any order. For example, the designated “tertiary reviewer” can review and approve an invoice before the designated “primary reviewer” gets to it.

The notice contains a link to the Review/Approve Invoices window, which is where you access the invoices to review.

Alternatively, you can access the Review/Approve Invoices window by clicking My Company...Pending Approvals.

Then, click Invoices

Either way, you’ll see a list of all of the invoices you need to review.

Click on the hyperlinked dollar amount to drill into a drafted invoice for additional details. Toggle among the tabs—review, invoice detail, time, and expenses—to get more information about the invoice before approving or rejecting it.

Review or reject the invoice from the draft or from the Review/Approve Invoices window. We’ll explain what it means to accept or reject an invoice next.

Approve or Reject an Invoice

We’ll approve and reject an invoice from our Review/Approve Invoices window. Learn more about each process below.

NOTE: The examples that follow assume that leapfrog is not activated. Read this article to learn more about this optional feature and how it works in the review and approval process.

Approve an Invoice

Check the box next to the invoice(s) that you want to approve and click Approve to approve it.

A new window will pop up where you can add notes about approving the invoice. The notes only show for the last reviewer. For example, the notes from the second reviewer override those from the first one. Now the other reviewers have the opportunity to review the invoice.

Reject an Invoice

Reject an invoice by clicking the Reject button.

A rejected invoice needs to be re-submitted. Any staffer with rights to create invoices can re-submit the invoice. That means, any system administrator or staffer with the user right “Create New Invoices” and is either on the team for that project or has the user right “View/Manage Any Project.”

That said, consider adding notes to the rejected invoice: it’s helpful to the other reviewers and the person who re-submits the invoice to know why the invoice is being rejected. Users with access to Invoice Overview window (Invoicing...Overview from the navigation bar, and then click on the middle tile) can see if an invoice is rejected on the Review Detail column and/or Review Status column on the Draft Invoices window.

Notice that the Financial Administrator is rejecting the invoice below. Administrators, including financial administrators, can approve or reject an invoice at any time—even if they’re not in the review workflow. If an administrator is not part of the workflow and approves an invoice, it skips all of the other reviewers.

TIP: How to Re-Submit an Invoice

Click on the Preview tab within a drafted invoice. Then, click on the Re-submit hyperlink to re-start the review process.

When the review process begins again, anyone who reviewed and approved the invoice initially doesn’t need to review the invoice the second time.


Approval is the final step in the workflow. It certifies that the invoice is accurate and ready to be submitted to the client.

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