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FAQ: Invoice Review and Approvals


Get the answers to your most frequently asked questions about invoice review and approvals. Whether you’re just getting started with invoice review and approvals, or need a refresher, this article will give you the information you need to get the most from this feature.

  • Can reviewers edit an invoice during the review process?

    A reviewer can edit an invoice if they have the user right “Create New Invoices” enabled. This user right gives a reviewer access to the Invoice Detail, Time, & Expenses tabs on the drafted invoice in order to make edits.
  • Is an invoice reviewed in a particular order?

    Invoice reviewers can review an invoice at any time. In other words, the review process doesn’t flow sequentially from the first reviewer to the fourth. Rather, once the invoice review process is kicked off, all of the reviewers are notified and any reviewer can take action in any order.
  • How does a reviewer know that they need to review an invoice?

    Use BigTime’s notification system (My Company...Notifications) to stay on top of the invoice reviewal process. Notices are turned on by default, and will keep reviewers informed when invoices are ready for review.

  • Who can re-submit an invoice if it’s rejected?

    If an invoice is rejected, any staffer with rights to create invoices can re-submit it. That means, any system administrator or staffer with the user right “Create New Invoices” and is either on the team for that project or has the user right “View/Manage Any Project.”
  • What is leapfrog?

    Leapfrog approvals is an optional invoice review and approval feature that expedites the invoice approval process by skipping reviewers. That way, you don’t have to wait for all of your reviewers to approve an invoice. Read all about it.
  • Can I activate leapfrog in the future?

    Yes, you can activate or deactivate leapfrog at any time.
  • How can a reviewer get more information about an invoice before approving or rejecting it?

    For more information, navigate to the drafted invoice itself. Toggle among the tabs—review, invoice detail, time, and expenses—for additional details.

    Read about several invoice features you can use with invoice review and approvals.
  • I’m an invoice reviewer and added notes when I approved an invoice. Why don’t I see them anymore?

    The notes only show for the last reviewer. For example, the notes from the second reviewer override those from the first one.

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