Emailing Invoices from BigTime

Email Invoices and Edit the Message Template from a Drafted Invoice


Email an invoice directly to your client from a drafted invoice. Before you send the email, you can update the message template. In this article, we'll show you how to access the email feature from a drafted invoice, and customize the message.

  1. Click Invoicing...Overview from your navigation bar.
  2. Click on the Drafts tab (on the middle tile), and then click on the tile itself.
  3. Click on a hyperlinked dollar amount in the Amounts column to get to the drafted invoice.

    You’ll default into the Invoice Detail tab on your Drafted Invoice, which is where you want to be.
  4.  Click on the Envelope icon.

    A new window will pop up with your email options. 

    You can edit the message body for this particular invoice by typing directly into the Subject and/or Message fields.

    Alternatively, you can edit the message template. This is an opportunity to edit the default text that appears each time you email an invoice. 
  5. Click Edit Message Template, and a new window will populate (though it may take a few seconds).

    This will direct you to the Email Settings. BigTime will use the settings and values in this window as defaults each time you email an invoice.

    Here are a few points to note:

    External Delivery Settings - The sender’s name and email address.

    Invoice Email Details - Invoice details that are included in the email. This is where you can customize the subject and message body directly, and the changes will be applied as the default each time you email an invoice. 
  6. Click Save to save your work.

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