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Email Attached Documents with an Invoice


Email an invoice with attached documents from your drafted invoice. This article will show you where to attach documents, like PDFs and receipts, on a drafted invoice and how to add them to an invoice email.

NOTE: This article assumes that you know how to access a drafted invoice.

Add an Attached Document

  1. Get to a drafted invoice and click on the Preview tab.

  2. Click the Add Document hyperlink, on the far-right of your window.

  3. Add your document, like a PDF or receipt, and name it on the new window that populates. Click Upload to upload your document and save the corresponding information.

    The name of the document will appear on your drafted invoices window under Additional Documents.

Add Documents to an Invoice Email

Now let’s add these documents to the invoice email we’ll send to our client.

  1. Click on the Invoice Detail tab on your drafted invoice.

  2. Click on the envelope icon and a new window will populate.

  3. Click on the right triangle on the textbox that’s next to Attachment(s).

    A picklist will populate with several options:

    - Do not email attachments with invoice(s),

    - Combine invoice and attachments in a single PDF, and

    - Email attachments as separate documents.

  4. Select your option and click Email Invoice to do just that.


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