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Drop and Delete Expenses on Drafted Invoices


It’s easy to remove expenses from a drafted invoice. This article will explain your options and walk you through the process.

NOTE: This article assumes you know how to access a drafted invoice.

First, get to a drafted invoice, then we’ll explain how and where to drop and delete expense entries.

  1. Click on the Expenses tab on your drafted invoice, and you’ll see a list of your expenses.

  2. Check one or more boxes next to the expense entries you want to remove.

  3. Click the white triangle next to Bulk Actions, and select either drop or delete from the picklist.

    - Drop means the entry will be removed from that invoice, and will be dropped back to WIP (work-in-progress).
    - Delete means you’re permanently removing the entry from BigTime.
  4. Click Recalculate Invoice Amount to do just that.

  5. Click Save Changes to save your work.

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