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Default Subtotal Setting when Bulk Creating Invoices


When you bulk create invoices, the “subtotal setting” (on the gray sidebar when you create an invoice) defaults to the setting that was last used when you created an invoice for that project. This article will show you where the subtotal setting is located and how to change the default.

NOTE: This article assumes you know how to create an invoice.

The "subtotal setting," which is available to select when creating a single invoice, aims to make the invoicing process more effective. It's one less field to update. For example, in the image above “by task” automatically populates in the field SUMMARY/SUBTOTAL SETTING because we used this setting when we last invoiced ABC Studios.

However, you can update this field when you're drafting your invoice. See the gray sidebar on the left side of your window, and look for the header: SUMMARY/SUBTOTAL SETTING.

Click on the triangle under SUMMARY/SUBTOTAL SETTING, and a picklist will populate. Select the appropriate option. Then, finish creating your invoice.

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