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Time and Expense Fields Summary


Instead of showing every time and expense detail, you can show a brief summary. This article will show you how to do just that.

  1. Click Invoicing, on your navigation bar, and select Configure from the picklist (dropdown menu).
  2. Click PDF Styles when the new window pops up.

  3. Select Create New near the end of this window. This will generate a new page.

  4. Select Time/Expenses on the new page that was automatically created.

  5. Check the box "Include time/expense details."

  6. Check the box “Show summary only” on the right side of the page.

  7. Check any other relevant fields located on the left side of your screen. Examples include “staffer/vendor name” and “task.” Notice that “Include time/expense details” is automatically selected.

    NOTE: Timesheet “notes” aren't easy to summarize, unless the same exact notes are added every time. 

  8. Save your work by clicking the Save button.



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