Customizing Invoice PDF Output

How to Create a PDF Invoice Template


You’ll use an invoice template when you want to send an invoice to a client. You can choose to add any number of details to it in order to customize it. Plus, you can create as many templates as you’d like.

This article will walk you through this process.

  1. Click Invoicing...Configure from your navigation bar.
  2. Click PDF Styles
  3. Scroll to the end of your window and click Create New to create a new invoice template.

    A new tab will populate, where you can enter your information. 
  4. Click on the new tab and we’ll highlight your options. 

    *Give your invoice template a name and a description. The template name will appear under your PDF Styles (My Company...Configure...PDF Styles).

    So if you want to edit a template, you can navigate PDF Styles and click on the template name you want to edit, and click edit.

    *Set up the invoice header. As you’ll see, several options are selected by default.

    You can uncheck these options or add check additional boxes. Make sure to click on each of the other tabs in this header section: fields, appearance, and footers.

    *Determine the type of details that you want included on an invoice. You can include information about line items, unpaid balances, time and expenses, budget statuses, and receipts, including receipt layout.

    Be sure to click on each tab in this section to make your selections. 

    Remember to click Save to save your template!


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