The Details You Can Include on an Invoice PDF Template

Create a One-Page, Single Line-Item Summary on your Invoice


You can create a one-page, single line-item invoice that includes the total amount due, as well as an invoice note, on your invoice template. This is an ideal format for retainer or fix-monthly billings. We’ll show you how to make this selection on your invoice template.

  1. Click Invoicing...Configure from your navigation bar.
  2. Click on the PDF Styles tab.
  3. Click on an invoice template, and then click edit
  4. Find step 3, and uncheck the box next to: Include line items.

    When you uncheck this selection, you’ll get two options. Check the box next to show summary only

    By selecting this option, the printed invoice will provide a one-page single-line-item invoice which includes the total amount due, as well as the invoice note.

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