Customizing Time/Expense Details on Print Invoices

The Details You Can Include on an Invoice PDF Template


You decide how much and what type of information to include on an invoice template. This article will highlight some of your options.

First, let’s get to an invoice template. Then, we’ll explain some of the details you may want to add.

Get to an Invoice Template

  1. Click Invoicing...Configure from your navigation bar.
  2. Click PDF Styles
  3. Select an invoice PDF that you want to edit and click Edit. This will cause a new tab to open. 

    NOTE: If you want to create a new template, just scroll to the end of this window and you’ll see a Create New option. 

  4. Find step 3 on the new tab that populates: Determine which Details this invoice will include. We’ll go through the options in this section, moving from left to right across the tabs.

Lines (Line Items)

Under the Lines tab, you can choose to include line items (see image below) by checking the box next to the phrase, include line items. This option is specific to the invoice line items.

NOTE: Uncheck the box if you don’t want to include line item details.

Once you make this selection, several more fields will populate, which will allow you to specify information about your line items. You can even type a custom invoice summary header in the text box. 

A/R (Accounts Receivable)

The A/R tab has several options for showing unpaid balances. You can:

  • Show the total prior unpaid balance.
  • List outstanding invoices. You can only include invoices with a “Sent/Posted” status to accounts receivable.
  • Show only A/R for invoices linked to the specific project that you’re invoicing for.

Time and Expense 

Check the box to include time detail and/or expense detail, and many more options will populate based on your selection. That way, you can select the relevant time and/or expense details. For example, you can select a staffer’s name and team role, and sort this information in a particular order.

Budget Status

Choose to include budget status details, like your client’s budget, prior billings, and total billings. Many options will populate if you check the box next to “include budget status details,” so you can determine the exact information you want to include.

You can also choose the option to determine invoice data by Task fee type. This option will group budget status data by Task fee types and it’ll only show T&M tasks in the Time/Expenses section.


Choose how you want your receipts sorted by clicking the red triangle and selecting an option from the picklist. You can also determine the number of receipts that’ll appear per page by selecting the relevant bubble. 

Where to Go from Here:

Expense Review and Approval
Editing Expense Codes

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