Customizing Time/Expense Details on Print Invoices

Separate Time and Expense Details on Invoices


Include only time details, only expense details, or both on your invoices. Then, specify the type of time and expense details you want to display. Separating time and expense details is one more way to customize your invoicesgiving your clients the information that matters most.

This article explains how to separate time and expense details, and how to specify the type of details you want to display.

  1. Click Invoicing...Configure from your navigation bar.

  2. Click PDF Styles on the new window that populates.

  3. Click on an invoice template and click Edit.

  4. Find step 3 on the new tab that populates and click the Time/Expense tab.

    Several options will populate below this header. Check the box(es) that you want to include details for: time detail, expense detail, or combine time and expenses.

    The selection(s) you make will cause several more fields to populate that give you control over the specific details that’ll show on your invoice. We’ll discuss those next.

  5. Check the boxes that you want to display on your invoice. In the example below, we chose to only include time details. Then, within time details, we want to display: staffer/vendor name, date, hours/qty, and rate.

  6. Find the sort by header (you’ll have to scroll down a bit on your window). The Sort By and Additional Settings options give you more control when showing time and expense details separately. You decide how information is sorted (ie, by task, staffer, or date, for example) and the type of information that’s displayed.

    NOTE: In the example above, the options we’ve selected only pertain to time details, since we indicated in Step 5 that we only want to display time details. However, if we chose to include time and expense details, we would also select options that pertain to expense details.

  7. Click Save to save your work.


TIP: Combine Time and Expense Details

Choose to display both time and expense details. Select the following boxes under step 3: include time detail, include expense detail, combine time + expenses (see image below).

Here, too, you have a few customization options:

  • Add your own section heading. In the image above, we named our heading “Invoice Details.”
  • Use Sort By to sort your information by a particular category.
  • Organize your information in ascending or descending order. Check the box next to Descending to sort your information in descending order.


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