Customizing Invoice PDF Output

Access and Create a PDF Template


You decide what details to show on an invoice and how you want them to appear when you create a PDF template. This article will show you both processes.

  1. Click Invoicing...Configure from your navigation bar.
  2. Click the PDF Styles tab.
  3. Scroll to the end of your window and click Create New

    A new tab will populate, which is where you’ll customize a new invoice template. It’ll look like this:

Your PDF Template Options

There are three sections on an invoice template:

  • Name and description
  • Invoice header
  • Invoice details

We’ll go through each section next.

Name and Description

The top-most section of your template is where you give a name and description to your invoice template. The given name will appear under the PDF Styles tab (see step two in section above), so you can easily access and edit the template in the future.

Set Up Invoice Header

The next section is where you set up the invoice header. The details you select here will appear on the invoice header.

There are several options to choose from. We’ll summarize your options in each tab:

Address/logo - show your address and logo. If you decide to show your logo, then you can determine where you want it to be placed by selecting an option from the picklist.

Fields - show high-level invoice details, such as total amount due, invoice date, and due date. You can also choose to show high-level project information, like the project’s name and type.

Appearance - make aesthetic decisions, such as font and font size, for your template.

Footer(s) - add customized information at the end of your invoice. You can add information beneath the amount due, and/or to all pages.

Determine Invoice Details

The last section of your template is where you select invoice details, like line items, budget status, and receipts. Here, too, you’ve got several options to choose from. We’ll summarize the options found in each tab:

Lines - this section refers to line items that you can add to your invoice, like a line item name and note.

A/R - show information related to accounts receivable, such as a list of unpaid invoices.

Time/Expenses - show time or expense details or both. When you select either option, time or expense, the system will populate with specific details you can add to each category. For example, when we click “Time”, many timesheet details, such as staffer name, rate, and amount, populate.

Budget status - show the status of the budget.

Receipts - add receipts to your invoice. Decide how many receipts you want to print per page and how you want to order them.


Click Save to save the changes you made. Doing so will save your invoice so you can easily access and/or edit in the future, when you follow the steps at the start of this article.

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