Understand Your Drafted Invoice Options

Use Advanced Filters on Drafted Invoices


Add advanced filters to access the drafted invoices that matters most. You can use these filters to see all of the drafted invoices in the month of December, for example. Or use them to see all of your fixed-fee invoices. Instead of a laundry list of invoices, you’ll see the ones most pertinent to you.

Let’s get to your Draft Invoices window, where you’ll see all of your drafted invoices.

  1. Click Invoicing...Overview from your navigation bar.
  2. Click the Drafts tab and then click on the middle tile.

    Now you’re in your Draft Invoices window.
  3. Click the Advanced Filters button.

    A new window will populate:

    Let’s go through each of these features.

Date Range - narrow your criteria to a certain date range, like the month of June or January through March. Two calendars will populate when you click into the Date Range textbox and you can make your selection.

Project Type - the type of project that you’re invoicing for (ie, engineering, R&D, etc).

Invoice Type - the type of invoice, such as T&M or manual invoice. 

Assignment - this filter is for the Team Lead. So if I select Jane Doe, I see all the invoices for Projects where she's the Team Lead.

Clear - remove all of the filters you’ve applied.

Keep in mind that you can add as many filters as you’d like. For example, use Advanced Filters to show you all of the drafted invoices for your engineering projects. Once you’ve made your selections, click Apply to apply your filters. Your Draft Invoices window will update accordingly.

Where to Go from Here:

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