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Add and Filter Columns on the Time and Expenses Tab on a Drafted Invoice


You can add columns to the Time and Expense tabs on a drafted invoice, such as a “current approval level” column or a “revision notes” column. Then, filter them. Filter columns when you need to sort information quickly and easily.

Let’s get to a drafted invoice. Then, we’ll add columns to it. The process of adding and removing columns and adding and removing filters is the same for both the Time and Expenses tab. This article will use the Expenses tab as an example. 

Add and Remove Columns

  1.  Click Invoicing...Overview from your navigation bar.
  2. Find the middle tile and click on the Drafts tab. Then, click on the tile itself. This will take you to your Draft Invoices window.
  3. Click on a value in the Amount column. This will take you to the drafted invoice for a specific project.
  4. Click on the Expenses tab. However, click the Time tab to add or remove columns from this section.
  5. Click on the gear icon and a picklist of options will populate.
  6. Check the box next to the fields you want to add as columns on your Expenses tab. The columns you add won’t appear on the invoice itself. You can also uncheck boxes to remove a column. 
  7. Click Apply to apply your changes.

 Add and Remove Filters

Back on your Expenses tab (or Time tab, if you’re making changes on this tab instead), click on the triangle surrounded by a box. This is the filter icon, and clicking it will add filters to each column.

Filter a column by clicking on the filter icon in a specific column. A small window will appear where you can add parameters to specify how you’ll filter this column. For example, in the image below we’ll add a minimum and maximum value. Then click Apply.

Remove a filter parameter by re-clicking on the column filter icon, and selecting clear. Remove all filters from your columns by re-clicking the filter icon under your drafted navigation toolbar, which is next to the gear icon.

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