Creating Draft Invoices

Remembered Settings at the Project Level when Creating Invoices


There are several settings that are remembered at the project level when you’re creating invoices. By remembered, we mean a setting is saved as a default. 

This makes it easier for you: you don’t have to select the terms or PDF template each time you create an invoice. BigTime will remember these things, among others, for you.

BigTime remembers four project-level settings: Terms, PDF Template, subtotal setting, and tax rate (if you’re using US taxes). We’ll go through each one. That way, if you need to make a change to one of these remembered settings, you can easily do so.

NOTE: This article assumes you know to create an invoice.

Subtotal Setting

Find the summary/subtotal setting on the third step when you create an invoice. This setting is located on the gray sidebar, under the header: summary/subtotal setting

Update this setting by clicking on the white triangle and selecting the setting of choice from the picklist.

PDF Template

The PDF template is located on the Preview tab in your drafted invoice.

To change your template, click on the red triangle on the top-most picklist under the Preview header. A list of templates will populate, and you can select a different one.

Remember to click Save to save your selection.


Terms are on the far-right column of the Invoice Detail tab on a drafted invoice. 

Click on the red triangle under the Terms header and many options will populate in the picklist. There’s a lot to choose from. See this article to learn more about each option.

Remember to click Save to save your selection.

Tax Rate

Get sales tax information in a drafted invoice. Click on the red triangle on the Amount column, and select Sales Tax Info from the picklist.

NOTE: For US users, then you can choose whether or not a line item is taxed. Then, you can only apply one tax rate to the invoice.

A checkbox will display on each line item. 

Then, you can apply the tax rate.

However, if you want to turn the tax rate functionality on or off, follow this navigation path from your navigation bar: Invoice...Configure...Defaults...Sales Tax Style.

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