Creating Draft Invoices

Get the Most from the Preview Tab on a Drafted Invoice


Does an invoice look the way you anticipate? Would another template look better? Do you need to add another document or two? Are you ready to start the invoice review and approval process? Get answers to these questions on the Preview tab on a drafted invoice. This tab contains several important features that’ll help ensure you send out a quality invoice.

Let’s get to a drafted invoice and apply a template to it.

NOTE: This article assumes that you know how to draft an invoice.

Click on the Preview tab once you’re in a drafted invoice.

Now let’s go through your options. 

Preview an Invoice Template

Click on the red triangle at the top and a picklist with your templates will populate.

Select an invoice, and it’ll populate in your drafted invoice window. You can also download and print this preview.  

Take a Snapshot

Sometimes it’s helpful to take snapshots of different templates and then compare them, which you can do on this Preview tab.

Select an invoice and click Snapshot. A history of your snapshots will appear on the right-side of your window (see image below). Click on these hyperlinks to preview the invoice in the selected template.  

Add a Document 

Click the link Add a Document to do just that. A small window will populate where you can add an attachment. 

The newly attached document will be added above the Add Document hyperlink. 

Forward to Review 

Click on the Forward to Review hyperlink to start the review and approval workflow. 

This is also where the list of reviewers included in the review and approval workflow appear. You’ll see the reviewer’s name and their status.

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