Creating Time/Materials Invoices

Use Subtotal by Task with Time and Material Invoices


Say you created a Time and Material (T&M) invoice, but the invoiced amount doesn’t show up in the Invoiced column on your Project Dashboard (see image below). What’s going on?

You need to select “subtotal by task” when you create T&M invoices in order for the invoiced amount to appear in the Invoiced column against a task. This article will explain how to make this selection. 

NOTE: Depending on your lexicon settings, you may refer to tasks as phases. Learn how to update your company’s lexicon settings.

  1. Click Invoicing...Overview from your navigation bar.
  2. Click Create Invoice.
  3. Select the project you want to create the invoice for and click Next.

  4. Select the type of invoice you want to create and click Next.

  5. Find the header Summary/Subtotal Setting on the gray sidebar. Click on the white triangle under this header and select by task from your picklist of options.
  6. Finish adding details to your invoice and click Finalize. Then, click save your changes.

    Now, let’s see if this amount shows up on our Project Dashboard. Navigate to the Project Dashboard for the project that you created the invoice for (My Company...Project List. Click on the project you created the invoice for and click Tasks on the Project Dashboard).

    Notice, in the image below, the invoiced total has populated under the Invoice column. 

    TIP: BigTime automatically saves your selection in the Summary/Subtotal setting.

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