Creating Draft Invoices

Bulk Email Invoices and “Other” Contacts


Learn how to create multiple invoices at once and how to add “other” contacts to them. That way, you can add an email address on the spot -- without creating a contact first. 

Bulk Email Invoices

First, we’ll show you how to access the "bulk email" feature, so you can create multiple invoices at once. Then, we’ll show you how to add an “other” contact.

  1. Click Invoicing...Overview from your navigation bar.

  2. Click the Drafts tab, found on the middle tile, then click the middle tile itself.

  3. Check the boxes next to each of the invoices that you’d like to send.

  4. Click the white triangle next to Bulk Actions and select Email from the picklist.

    A new window will populate that allows you to select which contact types and project roles to send the invoice to.

    Let’s walk through your options.

    Click on the red triangle in the textbox next to To, CC, or BCC, and you’ll get a picklist of contacts. Select contacts to receive the invoice.

Add an “Other” Contact

Now let’s add another email to the invoice -- one that's not currently on your list of contacts.

  1. Click Add Email, located near the top-right of your window, and select Other.

  2. Enter the name and email.

    NOTE: Check the box to save the email address for future use.

  3. Click Save to save your work.

    The added email will appear in your picklists, and you need to check the box to include it.


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