Frequently Asked Questions


Many companies have multiple sources of data feeding into their business intelligence (BI) tool. Now you can feed your BigTime data into your BI tool of choice.  

This FAQ article answers some of the commonly asked questions about this feature. 

  • How often is BigTime data replaced within my BI tool?
    Your data gets updated daily. The export happens overnight.
  • What BI tools can I integrate BigTime with?
    BigTime easily integrates into any Business Intelligence (BI) tool, such as Looker, Tableau, Microsoft BI
  • I don’t have a BI tool. Can BigTime host my data?
    Yes, we’d host your data using Azure. 
  • What’s the benefit of using BigTime’s data warehouse?
    We don’t force you to host your data with us. Instead, you choose where you want to host your data, and we can easily integrate with whatever BI tool you’re using. Then, you can generate reports or customize dashboards with visuals, like charts and graphs, that are exclusive to your BigTime data. Or mix and match your BigTime data with other data sources.
  • How do I get my BigTime data into my existing BI tool?
    Contact your sales representative and they’ll walk you through the setup process. 
  • I’ve been a BigTime customer for two years, and just signed up for the data warehouse. Will my two years of BigTime data be added to my BI tool?
    Yes, all historical BigTime data is added.
  • I’ve been using BigTime’s data warehouse for a year and want to terminate it. Will I lose a year’s worth of data?
    No. Data that’s been added to your BI tool will not be deleted. We’ll just stop inputting BigTime data into it. 
  • What happens if the export fails?
    If the export fails, the System Administrator will be notified in BigTime.
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