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How to Enter a Payment from the Invoice Overview Dashboard


This article will explain how easy it is to enter a payment from the Invoice Overview Dashboard. It’s a convenient way to enter a payment without going into the invoice itself.

  1. Click Invoicing...Overview to get to your Invoice Overview Dashboard.

  2. Click Make Payment.

    A new window will pop up and you can add your payment details.
  3. Select the Client you’d like to enter the payment(s) for. All unpaid invoices for that client will populate. Notice in the image below we selected our client, ABC Studios, and several invoices populated.

    NOTE: When entering a payment you are selecting by client.

  4. Enter payment details. After you select a client, be sure to fill out the following fields:

    - Select a Payment Type,

    - Add a Reference Number,

    - Adjust the Payment Date, if you wish, by clicking into the textbox and selecting a date from the calendar that populates, and

    - Include Notes about the payment.

  5. Check the box next to each invoice you’d like to submit. You can adjust the payment amount in the far-right column by typing in the desired amount into the text box.

    BigTime automatically calculates the total amount of the invoices you select. This number appears under Total Amount, near the top of your window. For example, based on our invoice selections, the “total amount” for our client, ABC Studios, is $2,500.

    NOTE: You can adjust the number that appears under Total Amount. The number you enter will adjust the amounts under “payment amount” in the invoices you selected.
  6. Click Save, and you’ll receive a confirmation of your action.

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