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Is BigTime Wallet Right For You?


There’s a lot to like about BigTime Wallet. It offers Pro and Premier users the ability to send an invoice and receive payments on a single platform. Plus, it integrates seamlessly with your accounting system. 

This article will summarize key aspects of BigTime Wallet, and will link to specific articles on each aspect:

*Send a Payment with BigTime Wallet

*Make a Payment with BigTime Wallet

*View Payment History and Pending BigTime Wallet Payments

*Link BigTime Wallet to QuickBooks

That way, you can determine if BigTime Wallet fits your needs.

NOTE: Integrate with BigTime Wallet by filling out a short application. Many fields are already automatically filled in for you—pulling data from elsewhere in the BigTime System. And you can start and stop the application at will and your data will be saved.

Send a Payment with BigTime Wallet

There are two ways to send a payment with BigTime Wallet from a drafted invoice.

First, you can get the payment link and share this link with your client via text, chat, or email. Use the payment link when:

*You need to email the invoice to someone outside of BigTime.

*You want to provide your client another way to access the Payment Portal, which is where payments are made.

To get this link, click on the hyperlink, GET PAYMENT LINK, within a drafted invoice on the Invoice Detail tab.

A new window will populate with the link. Click COPY LINK to do just that.

Alternatively, you send a payment is to send an email in BigTime, as you normally would when you invoice a client. 

Make a Payment with BigTime Wallet

You’ll make payments with BigTime Wallet via the BigTime Client portal.

Here, you can:

*Choose a payment type: ACH or Credit Card. Both payment options appear in the Payment Portal because we selected both options when we created the payment link in BigTime.

*Manually change the payment amount. Say the current payment amount is $1,220.00. But if the client only wants to pay $1,000, then they can type the amount they want to pay.

*View the invoice PDF by clicking the respective button, located in the small square box.

*Submit the payment by clicking the respective button.

View Payment History and Pending BigTime Wallet Payments

You can view payment history and pending payments that have been submitted via the BigTime Wallet on your Payments dashboard. Pending Payments allows you to view payment details and update the status of each payment.

Get the details for a particular payment by clicking on a hyperlinked payment number (found under the PAYMENT # column) to see payment details. A new window will show up with the details for a particular payment.

Link BigTime Wallet to QuickBooks

Say your firm uses BigTime Wallet and it’s integrated with QuickBooks. So in BigTime, you need to map the QuickBooks accounts where payments are posted into. 

To link BigTime Wallet to QuickBooks, there are three accounts you can map to on your Configure Invoice Settings page.

*Undeposited Fund - the account for “pending” payments that have not yet been deposited.

* Primary Bank Account -  the account into which the payments will be deposited. Once the payment is deposited and it's flagged as such in BigTime, the payment will move from undeposited funds into your Primary Bank Account.

* Transaction Fees - the account where transaction fees are entered.

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