Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I send a payment with BigTime Wallet?
    There are two ways to send a payment with BigTime Wallet from a drafted invoice.

    First, you can get the payment link and share this link with your client via text, chat, or email. Use the payment link when:
    * You need to email the invoice to someone outside of BigTime.
    * You want to provide your client another way to access the Payment Portal, which is where payments are made.

    To get this link, click on the hyperlink, GET PAYMENT LINK, within a drafted invoice on the Invoice Detail tab.

    A new window will populate with the link. Click COPY LINK to do just that. 

    Alternatively, you can send a payment through email, as you normally would when you invoice a client. 

  • Where can I view payment history and pending BigTime Wallet payments?

    You can view payment history and pending payments that have been submitted via the BigTime Wallet on your Payments dashboard. Pending Payments allows you to view payment details and update the status of each payment.

    Get the details for a particular payment by clicking on a hyperlinked payment number (found under the PAYMENT # column) to see payment details. A new window will show up with the details for a particular payment.

  • How do I link BigTime Wallet to QuickBooks?
    To link BigTime Wallet to QuickBooks, there are three accounts you can map to on your Configure Invoice Settings page.

    Here are three terms to know about:

    Undeposited Fund - the account for “pending” payments that have not yet been deposited.

    Primary Bank Account -  the account into which the payments will be deposited. Once the payment is deposited and it's flagged as such in BigTime, the payment will move from undeposited funds into your Primary Bank Account.

    Transaction Fees - the account where transaction fees are entered.

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