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Your clients may have questions when they start using the Client Portal. When they do, you’ll be armed with answers.

This article answers the most common questions that you’ll receive from your clients, as they get up and running with the Client Portal.

  • Can I bulk pay invoices on the Client Portal?
    Yes, you can pay a single, multiple or all invoices on the Client Portal.

    To pay a single invoice click Pay Now.

    To pay several invoices, check the boxes next to the invoices you want to pay and click Pay Selected (near the top-right of your window).

    Note: Bulk payments are a convenience for your client. When they use this feature, they pay the selected invoices with one submission. But it'll be submitted as separate transactions.

    To pay all invoices, check the top-most box. This will automatically select all of your outstanding invoices.

  • How can I set a default payment method?
    Click on the person icon, located near the top-right corner of your window. Then, select Payment Methods from the picklist.

    Click Add Payment Method.

    The Payment Methods window will open. Check the box next to Make Default Payment to do just that.

  • How do I save a payment method?

    Use the steps above to access the Payment Methods window. Then, enter the payment method.

    Click Save Payment to save your work.

  • How do I delete a payment method?

    Your saved payment methods will show up at the top of your Payment Methods window. Click the trash can icon to delete a payment method.

  • How do I re-send an invite to the Client Portal?
    Simply re-send the invite that you sent originally from BigTime.
  • Is the Client Portal only for certain subscription levels?
    Any firm integrated with BigTime Wallet can use the Client Portal.
  • Why can’t I see the invite email link or portal access field on my contact?
    Make sure the Client Portal is turned ON. Those fields will not be made available unless you activate the client portal feature for that client in BigTime.
  • Can I change my payment method even though I have  a default?
    Yes. The default will automatically be selected for you.

    You can always use a different saved payment method. You also have the option to manually enter a different payment method.
  • What if an invoice doesn’t include the payment options? Can the client still pay using Wallet?
    No. The Pay Now button won't appear if there are no payment options selected on the invoice.
  • I have a staffer that is on multiple project teams for the same client but different roles. How does that display in the Client Portal?
    Both roles will display next to the team members name when showing All Projects. If the client filters by a single project only the role for that project will show.
  • Say I’m a client. I'm not logged into the portal, but I open the payment link. Will the saved payment methods appear?
    No, you need to be logged in to use a saved payment method. Click the Login button at the top to log into the portal. Then, your saved payment methods will appear.
  • If two contacts have access to the client portal, can they see each other's saved payment methods?
    No, they can only see and use their own saved payment methods.

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