Frequently Asked Questions


Use your BigTime inbox to manage your work, from the emails you send to the calls you make. Or send a todo to a staffer you manage. This article answers many of the frequently asked questions about your BigTime inbox.

  • How do I connect my BigTime inbox to my email?
    You need to activate your email preferences. This article explains the process. Then, you can keep tabs on your BigTime account even when you’re not logged in.
  • How do I know if there are messages in my inbox?
    Your inbox icon, the file drawer on your navigation menu, will have a number next to it indicating your new messages.

  • Will I get notified for each new message I receive?
    Users won’t get new message notifications if they assign the message to themselves. However, the message will show up in their inbox.
    For example, say I create a message for myself to send an email tomorrow to Sean. I won’t receive a notification for this message, but it’ll show up in my inbox.
  • Can I control which notifications I receive?
    Your system admin controls which messages users receive, but users can unsubscribe to a notice by clicking the unsubscribe link in the body of the notice.

    Keep in mind that system admins can see if a user unsubscribes to a notification, and can add them back to it.
  • How often will I receive an email notice, if I activate the email integration setting?
    About every minute or so BigTime checks to see if you have new messages, and you’ll get emails for new messages in your BigTime inbox. If you’ve already received an email for an unread notice, you won’t receive another email about the same unread notice.
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