Syncing BigTime Project Details with Salesforce


Once your Salesforce opportunity becomes a project in BigTime, you can add details to the project in BigTime, like budgets, team members, and bill rates. Then, sync this information—manually or automatically—so it appears in Salesforce. That way, your sales and project teams can see project-related details.

This article explains how to manually and automatically sync BigTime information to Salesforce.

Manually Sync BigTime Details in Salesforce

Start in Salesforce to initiate a manual sync.

  1. Go to your Salesforce account and click Opportunities on your navigation bar.

  2. Select an opportunity, which will take you inside a specific opportunity.

    Under BigTime Projects, near the top-right corner of your window, see your BigTime project and click on it. In our example below, we’ll click on “Website design.” This will take us inside that project.

  3. Click the hyperlink, Pull from BigTime, located on the top-right corner of your window.

    Your window will look something like this (depending on what information you added in BigTime):

    Alternatively, you can automatically sync your data with Salesforce. We explain how to do that next.

Automatically Sync BigTime Details with Salesforce

Have BigTime automatically sync data with Salesforce, based on a time interval you select.

In BigTime, click My Company...Integrations.

Then, click on the Salesforce icon.

Click on the red triangle under Autosync Rate, and a picklist will generate. Make your selection.

Then, click Save Settings to save your selection.

Turn Off Automatic Sync

Disable the automatic sync by returning to your integrations window in BigTime (My Company...Integrations), and select Never from the picklist.

Then, click Save Settings to save your selection.

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