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Posting Time: Step By Step


The great thing about posting time to QuickBooks from BigTime is all of the things that the system is doing behind the scenes. But first, let’s clarify what we mean by posting. Posting in QuickBooks means the actual entry of a transaction that affects your books.

Posting time to QuickBooks allows you to transfer hours from BigTime IQ  to QuickBooks, where you can write checks based on calculated time or create invoices; the kinds of transactions that will affect your books.

As for the behind the scenes part, this happens with the links that BigTime maintains on each object (Staffer, Project, Task, Labor Code, etc.) to create a one-to-one relationship with the objects in QuickBooks (Customer, Employee, Vendor, or Service item.)

After enabling the Integration between BigTime and QuickBooks, you  have the option to post time from BigTime into QuickBooks. Many accountants use this method to transfer hours within BigTime IQ to their accounting subscription, most commonly QuickBooks.



All hours must be submitted in order to post. Your employees must submit their timesheets before the hours can be posted. Entered time can still be edited by the staffer or someone with Administrative rights.  But the action of submission says “these hours are ready to review or process.”

Time is allocated to specific items or accounts via links that BigTime creates behind the scenes.  The links are required when posting time to your QuickBooks subscription in order to properly allocate hours to GL accounts, employees, or Customer/Jobs.

Any Updates to posted time will need to be re-posted. Entries pushed into Quickbooks cannot be updated retroactively. The time will need to be deleted and then re-posted from BigTime in order to to apply necessary updates.

Timesheets Must Be Submitted In Order To Post

When the Administrator sets up the Timesheets via the Timesheet Settings menu and selects the fields that will be displayed, this is the starting point for the timesheet information that will post to  your QuickBooks account. These fields are the same items your user selects when saving a timesheet. Most of these BigTime objects can be directly linked with a QuickBooks object.

Once hours are submitted, the Financial Administrator has the option to post timesheets using  a manual action in the QUICKBOOKS...POST TIMESHEETS screen. Once hours are successfully posted to the Quickbooks timesheets area, it’s  as if you manually entered them yourself, only you didn’t have to. The hours are written directly into the Timesheets entry area of Quickbooks Online or Desktop.

Links Help The Hours Make It To The Right Location

In order for this process to work, BigTime maintains a link on each object (Staffer, Project, Task, Labor Code, etc) to have a one-to-one relationship with a Customer, Employee, Vendor, or Service item. When you first connect with BigTime, these links are automatically established. They can be modified by the Financial Administrator if the structure of the QuickBooks file changes or is set up at a later date.

For example, if you navigate to the MY COMPANY.. PROJECT LIST area in BigTime and click inside a project, you’ll notice a field called “QuickBooks Customer/Job link.” Clicking on this field will show you the entire active Customer/Job list that exists in your integrated QuickBooks file.  This is how BigTime knows that hours associated with a project will be translated correctly to a Quickbooks entry associated with the designated job.

Just like the BigTime Project list, other areas also have integration links to QuickBooks once the connection is established. Here’s a quick look at the links that can be established for posting time between a BigTime Object and a QuickBooks Object.

BigTime Object QuickBooks Object
Staff Member Employees or Vendors
Labor Code Service Items
Tasks Service item and Class
Project or Client Customers and Jobs
Hours Class or Pay Item*


Staff members in BigTime are a unique object in that they can maintain a link with an Employee AND a vendor. If you have this type of integration, all of your Timesheets in BigTime will go against the Employee record, and your Expenses will go into QuickBooks as a bill against your Vendor record.

Step By Step: Posting Time

  1. Click the QuickBooks tab on the navigation bar at the top of the page. Select POST TIMESHEETS.

  2. Select the timesheets you want to submit to QuickBooks.
  3. Click POST SELECTED TIME at the top left of the page.

    Once you click POST SELECTED TIME your time will be posted to QuickBooks automatically.

Status On Posted Hours

When a Financial Administrator requests the  post of a timesheet, this transaction request goes to the cloud.  While a validation check runs on the requested information, the hours are in a pending state and will appear with a light grey cloud.

Validation checks happen on the QuickBooks side for the minimum amount of required fields.

For billable time, the minimum required links are: Customer/Job, Service Item, and the source of the hours (the person who entered them). For non-billable time, QuickBooks does not require a Customer/Job or a service item. If you are missing specific fields that the QuickBooks timesheet requires, the status of the posted time will go from pending to a failed state.

Failed hours will appear with a red cloud icon.

If you receive a failed response, the Financial Administrator can drill down into the hyperlinked period to view the flagged entries.  A corrective action message will tell the  Financial Administrator how  to remedy the error.

Once the Financial Administrator has clicked into the hyperlinked period, the timesheet details will appear with cloud icons next to each failed entry.The hours amount column will also be hyperlinked to the specific entry’s data.

Inside the hour’s detail view, a specific fail message will state  why this entry didn’t make it to QuickBooks.

This is a sample hour’s detail that displays a validation error:

This specific error message indicates that the Project referenced in this request is not linked to a valid Customer/job in QuickBooks. therefore, it failed to post. The remedy for this situation is to navigate to MY COMPANY.. PROJECT LIST. Be sure the Project has been pushed over to Quickbooks or linked to an existing record.

Once the errors have been remedied, the Financial administrator can post the action again to validate the requested transaction.

Corrections On Posted Hours

If hours have been written into Quickbooks and the hours need to be changed, the hours will either need to be deleted and reposted, or modified directly within the QuickBooks timesheet.

To re-post timesheets from within BigTime, you may drill down into the period details by navigating to QUICKBOOKS...POST TIMESHEETS. Then drill down into the specific period that you’d like to modify. You have the option to unpost all entries from within the period, or to drill down into the specific hours that you’d like to unpost.

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