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Getting Started with Recognizing Payroll Items in BigTime


BigTime can recognize your payroll items from QuickBooks Desktop, if you’ve got hourly or salaried payroll employees. This is handy if your firm uses QuickBooks Desktop to generate employees’ paychecks. 

Remember to set up payroll item values in QuickBooks first. Then, you can apply the appropriate payroll item in BigTime to employees' timesheets.

We’ve got several ways to get the appropriate payroll item applied in BigTime:

  1. Create a pay item picklist in your employees’ timesheets, allowing employees to manually select from overtime, hourly, and vacation pay, among other payroll items.

    Manual payroll items are quick and easy for system administrators to set up.
  2. Create a default and let BigTime automatically apply the appropriate payroll item to your employees’ timesheet. For example, BigTime can automatically apply the payroll item “hourly” for your hourly employees.

    Defaults are popular: there’s less room for human error when the pay item is automatically applied to the employee's timesheet.

    Notice that “hourly” is already populated in the timesheet below:

    Click here to automatically create payroll items. Plus, you can create an exception to the default you’ve set up.
  3. Use a combination: create a default and a pay item picklist in your employees’ timesheets. Here’s why: BigTime automatically applies the appropriate payroll item to each employee’s timesheet, and the employee has the option to override the default.

    Say you've created an automatic default for your hourly employees. So "hourly" automatically populates when Sue Smith, an hourly employee, creates a new timesheet row.

    However, you can also set up a picklist so Sue can manually override the default, and select "overtime" if she’s working overtime.
    This a popular option for firms with hourly employees, whose hourly rates vary while working overtime or taking vacation or sick days.

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