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Automatically Apply Payroll Items to Employees’ Timesheets


Have BigTime automatically apply a payroll item, like "hourly" or "salaried," to your employees’ timesheets. It’s like a default, so your employees' payroll item is pre-populated in their timesheet. For example, Sue Smith is an hourly employee, so "hourly" is automatically applied to the pay item field in her timesheet. 

Firms like this method because it reduces human error: the payroll item is selected for the employee, instead of relying on the employee to manually select a payroll item from a picklist (dropdown menu). Plus, after you create a default, you can create an exception the default for those special case scenarios, like vacation.

To automatically apply payroll items to employees’ timesheets, system administrators can follow these steps:

  1. Click on QuickBooks, on the top of your navigation bar, and then click Post Timesheets.
  2. Click on Payroll Filters.

  3. Now click on the Gear Icon.

  4. Check the boxes next to the pay items relevant to your firm. Most firms check “hourly regular” and “salary pay.”

  5. Click Save.

    The values you checked are now on your payroll filter screen as field titles. 

  6. Click the hyperlink, Click to Edit, under “hourly regular” or “salary pay.” Both take you to the same place.

  7. Check off the boxes indicating the employment status—hourly or salaried—for each employee who you calculate payroll for in QuickBooks Desktop.
  8. Click Save Changes to save your work!

    Now BigTime will automatically apply the appropriate payroll item when your employees log time to their timesheets.

    It’s been said that rules are meant to be broken. Well, you can break the rule you’ve just set up by creating exceptions.



You can retroactively apply payroll items for an employee within a specific timesheet period. This is a handy feature in case you forget to set up payroll filters and an employee has already submitted time.

Here’s what you do:

Click on QuickBooks, on your navigation menu, and then click Post Timesheets.


Select the timesheet period associated with an employee.

Click Update Payroll Items.



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