Posting Time to QuickBooks

Advanced Timesheet Posting Techniques


If you’re ready to post timesheets to QuickBooks, you’ll navigate to the post timesheets window in BigTime. This article will explain the many toolbar options you'll have.

Click QuickBooks...Post Timesheets from the navigation bar to access your "post timesheets" window.

Your window will look something like this:


Let’s look at your options, starting on the far left of your window.

Submitting and Post Selected Time

You’ll use the Post Selected Time function when you’re ready to submit and/or post selected time.

Check the box next to each staffer who you want to submit or post time for. In the image below, we checked the box next to Jason Alexander’s name. Then, click on the white triangle next to Post Selected Time and select Post Time or Submit Time from the picklist that populates.

Remember that time needs to be submitted before it can be posted. When time is successfully submitted, a gray cloud will appear under the Submitted column.

Once the submitted hours are approved, they'll appear next to the submitted hours on your window.

Now we’re ready to post these hours to QuickBooks. So follow the same steps as above, but this time click Post Time.

See this article for more detail about posting time to QuickBooks.


The calendar buttons (at the top of the window) allow you to jump from month-to-month or year-to-year so you can see and/or post time from other points in time.

There are several ways to adjust the date. First, you can move among different months by clicking back and forth on the white triangles. Your window will populate appropriately.

Second, click on the button with the month and year to quickly navigate to a specific month.

Third, in order to specify a particular date range, click on the calendar icon.

Then, update the date range that populates to the left of this icon.

Two calendars will pop up and you can select your desired date range. Click Apply and BigTime will automatically update your window.

Show Unposted Only

You also have the option to only see unposted timesheets.

Check the box Show Unposted Only and your window will look something like this:

Payroll Filters

Payroll filters is a way for BigTime to automatically apply a payroll item, like "hourly" or "salaried," to your employees’ timesheets. It’s like a default, so your employees' payroll item is pre-populated in their timesheet. For example, Sue Smith is an hourly employee, so "hourly" is automatically applied to the pay item field in her timesheet. 

Learn how to use this feature in order to apply payroll items to employees’ timesheets.

Gear Icon

Click on the gear icon to adjust the way that data is transferred to and from QuickBooks. A new window will pop up and you can make your changes.


After making your changes, click Save to save your work.

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