Posting Time to QuickBooks

Add QuickBooks Payments in BigTime


Create a payment in BigTime, and post and apply that payment to an invoice in QuickBooks at the client level. The process is simple, as this article will demonstrate. 

First, create an invoice in BigTime and post it to QuickBooks. You’ll need to do this before you post a payment. 

Now let’s add a payment to an invoice in BigTime. Navigate to Invoicing...Overview. Click on the bar graph at the end of the window to access your Final Invoices window.

Select an invoice by clicking a hyperlinked number in the Amount column.

This will take you to the invoice, which is where you’ll add the payment. Click the Dollar Sign, near the top-right of your window, to add a payment.

A new window will pop up and you’ll add information about the payment.

*Deposit To: includes any accounts in QuickBooks.

*Payment Type: includes payment options, like credit card and cash.

*Invoice List: see all invoices that have been posted to QuickBooks.

Check the payment you want to add to the invoice and click Save. You’ll get a notification that the payment has been recorded. 

Run your Sync Agent, if you use QuickBooks Desktop, and refresh your BigTime window in order to see the payment hyperlinked in your invoice Activity Feed. Click on the hyperlink and you’ll get more details about the payment.

NOTE: Once the payment is posted into QuickBooks, you can’t delete it from BigTime. You’ll have to delete or edit it from QuickBooks.

More Ways to Create a New Payment

A second way to create a new payment is on your Invoice Overview Dashboard (Invoicing...Overview). Near the top-left of your window, you’ll see Make Payment.

A third way to create a new payment is to click on the A/R Aging title on your Invoicing Overview Dashboard. Then, click Make Payment near the top-left of your window.


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