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What Date Gets Posted to QuickBooks When you Post an Invoice?


You’re ready to post an invoice to QuickBooks, but you want to specify the date that appears on the invoice. How do you do that? And what happens if you don’t specify the invoice date? This article will answer these questions.

First, let’s go to an invoice that you’d like to post to Quickbooks.

  1. Click Invoicing...Overview.

  2. Click Drafts or Finals.

  3. Click on a hyperlinked value under the Amount column to open up the invoice.

    Your window should look something like this:

    This is the window where you’ll change the invoice date that gets posted to QuickBooks. To make this change, locate Sent Date, which is under Status/Workflow in the gray box on the left-side of your window.

    Click into the text box under Sent Date and a calendar will populate. Select a date from the calendar to specify the “sent date.” Doing so will change the date that gets posted when you post an invoice to QuickBooks. If you don’t specify the date, BigTime will use today’s date.

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