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Slack Integration with BigTime


You can choose to integrate BigTime with Slack, where you’ll receive BigTime notifications in a private Slack channel. It’s another way for users to stay informed.

Integration with Slack is a simple two-part process: authorizing BigTime to send notifications to your private Slack channel and providing your Slack id. We’ll walk you through both processes.

Enable the Integration

  1. Click My Company...Integrations from your navigation bar.
  2. Click on the Slack tile.
  3.  Click Enable. This will direct you to a new tab, where you’ll need to authorize BigTime to send notifications to your private Slack channel. 

  4. Click Allow to allow BigTime to send notifications to your private Slack channel.

    A window will populate with instructions on how to provide your Slack id. Let’s walk through the process together.

Provide your Slack Id

Click on the click here hyperlink. 

Check the box Enable Slack Notifications and enter your Slack id. 

Click Save to save your work.

Slack Notifications

There are a variety of notifications that can be sent through Slack, including:

*Review/approval notifications

*Task assignments

*General administrative notices

*Messages from the activity dialogue

*Budget notifications

New, unread notices are forwarded from BigTime to Slack. However, notices of the same time that have been sent, but not read or completed, aren’t sent as new Slack notifications. Messages from the system administrator or managers will always immediately generate Slack notices. 


  • Where can I get more information on Slack?
    Please visit the Slack website for more information.
  • How do I turn on/off notifications?
    Your Slack integration can be turned off anytime from within your profile settings. Simply click on the Notification Settings tab in your profile and uncheck the box for Slack if you’d like to turn notifications off.
  • Where do Slack notifications appear?
    Slack notices will be delivered via Slackbot and will come from a bot called BigTime.
  • I’m having issues with my Slack notifications; who can I contact?
    You can contact our support team via email at Just give them a heads up that you’re having a hard time receiving notifications in the Slack product, and we’ll take a look. When reaching out to Support be sure to provide your BigTime login email.
  • Where can I receive more information about notices in BigTime?
    You can read more about configuring BigTime notices in our Notifications article.
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