Lacerte Integration 101

Troubleshooting TaxLink

  • I have an older version of TaxLink. What should I do?

    First, uninstall the current version. Then, install the most current version.
  • Where do I view my Lacerte data in BigTime?

    View and manage your data on your Engagement Dashboard. To get there, click Workflow...Engagement Dashboard from your navigation bar.
  • What does TaxLink bring in from Lacerte?

    It brings in your returns, as well as return-specific data like due dates, preparation fees, client addresses, and preparer information (if available).
  • I’ve integrated Lacerte and QuickBooks with BigTime. Which program is better for address updates?

    Lacerte is better with address updates. In order to prevent either product from overwriting BigTime, you can use Lacerte as the source of address updates for Quickbooks by turning off Quickbooks address updates from your Quickbooks integration settings.

    To do this, go to MY COMPANY...INTEGRATIONS and click on the Quickbooks icon for the product level you’re integrated with. Click the MANAGE button and set field mappings to IMPORT JOBS (NO UPDATES). This will allow QuickBooks to create projects in BigTime, without having address updates flow in.

  • Can I have more than one TaxLink program installed on multiple machines?

    Yes, you can install and use TaxLink on more than one machine. Just be careful to accurately map the paths to the Lacerte data files, so that TaxLink will read the same files on each machine.   


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Viewing Your Lacerte Data in BigTime

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