How to Integrate with Jira

FAQ - Jira Integration

  • What projects from Jira come into BigTime when a sync occurs?

    These are the projects that come in from Jira:
    * Active projects and
    * Projects with epics or issues.

    Empty projects in Jira aren’t pushed to BigTime.
  • How do I sync Jira with BigTime?
    You can manually sync Jira with BigTime on the integrations page in BigTime. 

    Access this page by clicking My Company....Integrations from your navigation bar. Then, select Integrations and click on the Jira Software tile. Click the link Sync Project/Issues.

  • How do I sync from BigTime to Jira?
    You can’t. You can only sync from Jira to BigTime. You can’t sync from BigTime to Jira.
  • If I delete an Issue in Jira will that Task get deleted in BigTime?
    No. In this case you would have to manually delete the Task in BigTime.
  • I added a sub-task to a story. When will I see that subtask sync to BigTime?
    To sync the subtask, there needs to be a change made on the Jira issue itself. This is how we know there has been an update and a task needs to be brought in.
  • If I disconnect my JIRA integration and then re connect will I receive duplicates of my projects and tasks?
    No, duplicates will not occur if you disconnect and reconnect.
  • Can you explain the Jira to BigTime mapping?

    The terms on the left-side are BigTime terms, which map to the Jira terms on the right-side. 

    A Project in BigTime maps to a Project in Jira. This mapping is required. That’s why you can’t select any other options on the Jira side. 

    However, there’s flexibility with Tasks and Subtasks.
    * A Task in BigTime can map to an Issue or Epic in Jira.
    * A Subtask in BigTime can map to Issue, Subtask, or None in Jira.
  • Can you import story points from Jira?
    In Jira, story points are a commonly used measure for estimating the size of an issue. If your firm is integrated with Jira, BigTime will import this value to its corresponding Task. A custom field on the Task will automatically be created to store this value to further strengthen the integration by sharing more data between the two systems. 


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