Frequently Asked Questions


Think of BigTime as a holistic solution for your company. BigTime not only integrates with a variety of programs and apps, from QuickBooks to Slack, but it also supports Single Sign On (SSO) and offers data imports.

  • Do you support SSO?
    Yes, subscribers of BigTime can use Intuit SSO or Google to authenticate. We also support Okta, Microsoft Azure, and OneLogin.
  • Do you have an API?
    Yes, subscribers at the Pro level and above are granted API access. You can read more about our API here.
  • What support do you provide for data migration of current and historical information from our existing system?
    Data imports are available. The ability to import existing data from a different platform depends on the data structure. Contact us for more information.
  • What other software can BigTime integrate with?
    BigTime integrates with your favorite productivity apps. Read about the many integrations supported by BigTime.

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