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Protecting your data is our priority. That’s why we run full backups daily and differentials throughout the day. And that’s just the start. Learn how your BigTime data is backed up and stored. 

  • How is BigTime backed up?
    BigTime utilizes the built-in backup engine in Microsoft SQL. We run full backups nightly, differentials throughout the day and SQL logs every 5 minutes. Backup jobs run to an EBS volume on AWS. EBS Volumes are rated at 99.999% availability. Once the backup to EBS is complete, a snapshot of the volume is taken. These snapshots are stored on Amazon's S3 system which is rated at 99.999999999% durability. All backup images are encrypted and replicated to a different AWS region. SQL Backup Logs are also copied and restored to a secondary server in a secondary availability zone.
  • Where are backups stored?
    Backups are initially taken and stored on the US-EAST region of AWS. As the jobs complete, the EBS volumes are snapshotted to S3 and replicated to the US-WEST region.
  • How long is data stored?
    We maintain a 30-day archive of backups.
  • How do you test backups?
    Our full production backup is restored nightly to a test system to confirm backup integrity. We also perform periodic restores of differentials to ensure functionality.
  • Who has access to the backup data?
    Approved members of the leadership team can access production data and backups.
  • Can I get a backup of my data?
    At this time, the design of the multi-tenant database used by BigTime doesn't allow for the export of a single set of firm data from the system.
  • What happens to client data in the event of contract termination?
    Upon termination of a contract, client data can be wiped from the system upon request.

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