Frequently Asked Questions


Learn about BigTimeā€™s availability if outages occur or problems arise.

  • What is the uptime Service Level Agreement (SLA) for Bigtime?
    Our uptime SLA is 99.5%. You can review our SLA here.
  • What is the reported uptime of BigTime in the past year?
    Since September 2017, BigTime has achieved an uptime greater than 99.99% we have experienced approximately 12 minutes of downtime over the past year.
  • What happens if BigTime goes down?
    Our recovery time objective is 60 minutes. Our recovery point objective is 30 minutes. We are working to expand services and reduce these time objectives.
  • How are outages communicated?
    We communicate in several ways, depending on the nature and extent of the outage: a banner on our homepage (bigtime.net), our Twitter account (@BigTimeSoftware), and/or an email blast may have more information.
  • How do you monitor BigTime?
    BigTime is monitored through several platforms. We use a combination of Datadog, CloudWatch, SentryOne and Pingdom.

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