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Do your staffers receive the email notifications you send? Do they click into them? How often are you sending emails, anyway?

Get the answers to these questions in your Email Log. This article will show you how to access and use this feature.

Click My Company…Notifications from your navigation bar.

Click the Email Log tab, near the top of your window.

Your window will look like this:

The columns displayed come standard, and you can’t add or remove them. However, you can organize the data so it’s meaningful to you.

Click on a column title to sort the data in that column. For example, we clicked on “recipient”, and the data is now organized by those who’ve received emails. 

Notice the green font and the number in parentheses. This means our staffer, Jeffry, has received two emails (see image below).

Each of the remaining columns works in a similar way. 

If you click on “Email Subject”, then the data is sorted by the email subject. You’ll see each subject in green with a number to indicate the number of emails sent with that particular subject.

This is a simple way to make a lot of data easier to look at.

Add Filters 

You can also add filters to your columns. This is a useful option when you want to customize your data, and filter by a particular name or word.

Click on the triangle enclosed in a box, near the top right of your window.

This will add the filter function to each column.

To use the filter, click on a column.

A small window will pop up where you can enter your search term. Then, click Apply.

Your window will populate with the search results. In our case, we see all of the emails that “bounced.”

It’s easy to tell which column has the filter applied: the filter icon on the column will turn red. This is a helpful reminder when you want to remove the filter.

To do that, just click on the column with the active filter and click clear.

Remove the function option on each column by re-clicking on the filter icon above the Status column.

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