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Update your Email Settings


You’ve got several ways to customize emails in your Email Settings. 

Decide to opt-in all new users to receive email notifications. Or specify the email address you want clients to see when an invoice is sent via email.

This article will show you how to access and use the settings in your Email Settings. 

Click My Company...Notifications from your navigation bar.

Click the Email Settings tab, near the top of your window.

Let’s go through your options in this window. We’ll start at the top and work our way down.

Check either or both of the checkboxes to activate them:

Enable notification delivery via email - enables BigTime to send notifications to staffers’ email. Examples of notifications include budget notifications and review and approval notifications. 

Opt-in all new staffers for email notification - have all new users receive email notifications by default. However, users can choose to opt-out of email notifications. 

Keep in mind that if your firm doesn't choose to "opt all users in," then each staffer has to enable the email notification themselves within their Profile. (Click the person icon at the top right of your navigation bar. Then, click Notification Settings...Enable EMail Notification.)

Under the In Product Delivery Settings header, you can update the “send from” name and “send from” email address. The updates you make in this section will affect all internal staff email notifications.

Under the External Delivery Settings header, you can update the “send from” name and “send from” email. The email address entered here will be the default address that clients see when an invoice is emailed. 

Click save to save your changes.

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