Tracking Tasks and Budgets

Creating Tasks and Budgets in BigTime


Tasks are important in BigTime for the role they play in making up a project and setting a project budget.

Tasks are key to Creating Project Budgets

For many firms, a project budget starts as a simple line item with an estimate and hourly budget, from the Project Dashboard. This might be all that you need: a straightforward, one-line estimate to track the overall budget for a project. 

Other projects, however, require breaking down the work into components (tasks)—both to help your team work more efficiently and to help your customers understand what they’re paying for when it comes time to invoice for your work.

In this case, each deliverable is created as a task, and perhaps those tasks are further broken out into subtasks. The estimate associated with each task (or task group) under the project then contributes to the overall project estimate.

For a further breakdown on creating tasks and subtasks, or if you would like to explore recurring tasks, take a look at these articles:

Project Plans and the Task Dashboard

Once you’ve created tasks and set budgets by task, you have a project plan—and the best place to manage your project plans is the Task Dashboard.

Continue through the Further Reading section to create your tasks and budgets, and then head over to Understanding Your Task Dashboard for an introduction to using the Task Dashboard to create workflows for and manage your project plans.

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