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FAQ: Entering Tasks Using Task Editor vs Task Dashboard


Tasks, or units of work, are an important part of the workflow in BigTime. They can be entered on the Task Dashboard or on the Project Dashboard, using the Task Editor.

This article answers several commonly asked questions users have regarding the two ways to enter tasks in BigTime.

NOTE: Instead of “tasks,” your firm may refer to these units of work as “budget items,” “phases,” “work items,” or “engagements.” It’s easy to update the lexicon settings in BigTime so that the verbiage is firm-relevant.

What are the advantages of using the Task Editor?

The Task Editor offers several advantages over the Task Dashboard. With the Task Editor, you can:

  • Use hotkeys to easily navigate within the Task Editor. 

  • Add all tasks and subtasks at one time and see details, like hours and budgets, all on one window. This means you no longer have to click on hyperlinks and navigate through pop up windows, as you do on the Task Dashboard.

  • Include subtasks in the Task Editor. Create subtasks for those complex tasks with multiple parts. For example, the task “website updates” may have two subtasks: “re-design homepage” and “edit website copy.” Then, assign hours, due dates, and assignments for each subtask you create.

  • Use the Task Editor with resource allocation, another BigTime feature. Even if you’re not using resource allocation right now, you may in the future. So it’s worth understanding how the two features work together.

Below is what the Task Editor looks like when you’ve added tasks (in green) and subtasks (indented beneath the tasks). 

I’ve added tasks using the Task Dashboard. Do I need to re-enter these tasks in the Task Editor?

No, you don’t need to re-enter tasks from the Task Dashboard to the Task Editor. Any tasks that you’ve added on the Task Dashboard are automatically added to the Task Editor.

Will my tasks appear on the Task Dashboard and in the Task Editor?

Yes, your tasks will appear in both features.

Does the Task Editor offer task features, like copying tasks and adding recurring tasks?

Yes, you can copy and add recurring tasks in the Task Editor. Plus, in both the Task Editor and Task Dashboard, you can assign new or existing tasks to one or more staffers. And you can assign multiple tasks to one or more staffers at once. 

Are the same task-related details, like budgets and assignments, available in both features?

Yes, task-related details—including task/subtask type, budget, hours, due date, assignment—are available on the Task Dashboard and in the Task Editor.


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