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Create Tasks in the Task Editor


Use the task editor to add tasks and task-related details all within the same window.

This article will show you how to create a task, copy a task, and add a recurring task.

Add and Copy Tasks

To add tasks, type the name of the task in the cell under “Task.” When you do, another cell automatically appears beneath it. You can add as many tasks as you’d like.

To save yourself some work you can copy one task to another. Follow these steps:

  1. Click on the white arrow near the bottom of the window next to “Add Task” and select Copy from the picklist. A new window will pop-up.

  2. Click on the red triangle and you’ll see a picklist of your projects. Select the project that you’d like to copy tasks from.

    For example, we’re currently in the project Remote Writer’s Studio. We’d like to copy the tasks from ABC Studios and add them to Remote Writer’s Studio. So we’ll select ABC Studios from the picklist.
  3. Click OK after you make your selection. So in our example, the task list from ABC Studios will be copied and applied to Remote Writer’s Studio.


Add Recurring Tasks

Use the task editor to add regularly occurring tasks. Click on the white arrow near the bottom of the window and select Add Recurring from the picklist.

A new window will pop-up for you to add details about the recurrence of the task.


Save Your Work

Turn on the auto-save feature, located near the top-right of your Task Editor window, by clicking the "auto-save" text. That way, BigTime saves your work automatically. Alternatively, you can manually save your work by clicking SAVE, near the bottom-right of the window.

Now that you’ve set up a task or two, you’re ready to add details to your task and create subtasks.

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